I am currently an Assistant Professor in the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Department of Educational Foundations. My area of research interest is embodied information practices. 

Performing Reality
For my dissertation at UNC SILS I conducted an ethnography of the Atlanta, Georgia reality storytelling show Carapace, to better understand the information practices of this community. I have created a separate page here with more information about this project.

Embodied Cyber Learning
In the summer of 2018I was invited to be part of the team evaluating a two week long cyber carpentry workshop hosted, in part, by UNC SILS. We collected surveys, conducted interviews, and made ethnographic observations throughout the workshop. In addition to reporting back to the planners of the workshop, the evaluation team are publishing findings from this research.

Mobile Knowledge Workers
In collaborative research with Doctor Mohammad Jarrahi, I investigated the information practices of Mobile Knowledge Workers. We have had several publications from this research, and I presented a poster at the ASIS&T conference in 2017 on the use of video conferencing among MKWs. 

Performance and Communication
Amanda Sacchitello (KEYS Piano Studio) and I interviewed Georgia Tech students who participate in performing arts, such as drama and marching band, to better understand how studying performance might enhance their professional communication skills. I presented a poster on this research at the National Communications Association convention in 2017.