I am currently a PhD student at the University of North Carolina School of Information and Library Science. My area of research interest is contemporary oral communication, with a focus on reality storytelling. 

Oral History with Southern Storytellers
I have interviewed two southern storytellers on growing up with family storytelling and how it has impacted their current stories and performance styles. 

That's Not Funny
I am working with my colleague and classmate Samantha Kaplan on a study of lightbulb jokes on Reddit. We hope to illuminate how humor operates in a social media community and reveal some of the attitudes of that community.

Mobile Knowledge Workers
Collaborating with Doctor Mohammad Jarrahi, I am conducting research on the information practices of mobile knowledge workers. 

Performance and Communication
Amanda Sacchitello (KEYS Piano Studio) and I interviewed Georgia Tech students who participate in performing arts, such as drama and marching band, to better understand how studying performance might enhance their professional communication skills.