Samples of Work

Dissertation Abstract

Nelson, S. B., & Jarrahi, M. H. (2017). Too much information: Video conferencing for professional communication. In Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology (Vol. 54, pp. 764–765). Washington DC.

Open "Too Much Information"

Nelson, S. B., & Sturm, B. (2017). Storytelling. In J. McDonald & M. Levine-Clark (Eds.), The Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science (4th ed.). Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.

Excerpt from "Storytelling" in ELIS

Nelson, S. B., Sacchitello, A., & Sturm, B. (2017). Saying “Yes” to performing arts for STEM students, presented at National Communication Association Convention, Dallas, Texas.

Open "Saying Yes to Performing Arts"

Nelson, S. B., Jarrahi, M. H., & Thomson, L. (2017). Mobility of knowledge work and affordances of digital technologies. International Journal of Information Management, 37(2), 54–62.

Talking about storytelling on the news, July 2016, Kansas City, Kansas:

An article about my work:

Mullin, P. (2018, September 11). What’s your story? endeavors. Retrieved from